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Exercise Rehabilitation

Expertise in manual therapy, massage, rehabilitation exercise and ergonomics are combined with specialist knowledge of function and movement to treat a variety of conditions such as back or neck problems, joint problems and more. A physiotherapist can treat strains, sprains and bruising to the soft tissue e.g. muscles, ligaments, cartilage, nerve and tendon problems. Problems including prolapsed discs, joint degeneration, sciatica, lumbago, stiff, painful neck and referred leg and arm pains can be treated using physiotherapy. Our personal training team can provide advice on exercise and relaxation and treatment for back pain and associated problems related to pregnancy. 

Core stability

Core conditioning and abdominal conditioning have become synonymous in recent years but the abdominal muscles alone are over-rated when it comes to real core strength or conditioning. I have designed S.F.L.P.T?s core conditioning program which will strengthen and slims your abbs. 

Child's Pose

Postural Correction Exercises 

In case, you have ignored your posture for long and are now willing to get back in correct one; do not worry, as there are certain exercises which will help you attain a right posture once again. Though it will be a little painful and difficult for you to abide by your own rules initially, do not lose patience, a little effort will help you stick to the right posture for ever. S.F.L.P.T has provided the most effective posture correction exercises.

Muscle toning and Building 

Using lighter weights and more repetitions you can achieve a toned appearance without bulking up. If you?re building muscle for Body Shaping, your weights will need to be slightly heavier for some body parts yet lighter for others. Being able to transform your current body type by using resistance or weight training is exciting and possible. You can actually sculpt your body to suit your body-types requirements. 

Muscular Man in Gym
Smart Snacking

Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose fat and you're not sure where to start, S.F.L.P.T?s 12-Week Program gives you all the tools you need to start exercising. You'll get: Cardio, strength training and flexibility workouts Information to help you eat healthy and reduce your calories Weekly calendars to organize your workouts and nutritional goals Motivational tips to help you get your mind excited about exercise The tools you need to lose body fat. 

Boxing Programme

Boxing requires muscular strength, stamina, agility and endurance. Boxing requires throwing jabs, back hand, upper cuts, hooks and straight punches. But the learning process takes time. Boxing workouts consist of intervasl traniing, sprints and boxing drills to develop muscle, power and speed and to improve technique. Engaging in a boxing training program will help improve your overall body shape.

Doing Sports at Home

Home Exercises

Working out at home will help your energy levels to perform more daily activities in the day. Our 30 second exercises will help you do it in the right way. With no equipment you can get all the exercises you need without leaving the house.

Ali’s Core Secret

Ali's Core Secrets Program uses core technique to help get you into the best body shape The workout incorporates a fitness ball to work your upper and lower body weight core work. Included are 6 different workout phases and everything else you need to get starters on your new fitness program. 

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