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Boxercise is a challenging but fun and effective method of exercise which combines boxing training methods with high-intensity cardio. These classes are ideal for those looking to build muscle mass, burn calories, fat and increase their stamina.

No sparring is required – exercises are limited strictly to pads and punching bags, ensuring a safe environment for participants who may have no prior boxing experience. 

The combination of boxing methods with traditional forms of exercise creates an exciting alternative to traditional exercise classes. Those who enjoy trying different forms of fitness would therefore love boxercise for its variety and energetic atmosphere. 

For group classes, why not gather your friends, family or colleagues for an enjoyable and healthful experience?



Beginner boxing classes introduce participants to the core elements of boxing. Particularly, combining correct footwork with different punches – such as the jab, cross and upper-cut. 

Beginner classes additionally increase stamina, strength and agility in the ring. A strong body and good coordination are essential in boxing, beginner classes are a fantastic place to begin developing these aspects of fitness. 

An understanding of these beginner techniques is also vital in order to progress to the advanced stage of boxing, where shadow-boxing with an opponent and more complex combinations are taught .

Although, it is a fantastic form of fitness and self-defense, therefore it is not limited to those who wish to become advanced boxers and can instead be implemented as part of a training program or hobby.

Beginner boxing is a safe and friendly environment for those who are seeking to develop their boxing skills. 

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Advanced boxing builds upon the essential boxing elements taught at beginner level. Once there is an understanding of correct posture, footwork and punching technique, advanced lessons will tackle technical errors and explore how functions of the body can be used to improve performance. 

Shadow boxing is introduced at advanced level in a safe and measured manner. This teaches participants an appropriate boxing technique suitable for combat with an opponent and the best measures for blocking punches. 

More intricate and complicated combinations of footwork and punches will be developed, as well as ways to maximize power, retain balance and control. 



At Aboxr, we recognise that every client is on a personal fitness journey. Therefore, we cultivate bespoke fitness programmes that achieve our client’s unique goals


At Aboxr we value workouts that exhibit high levels of intensity, overload, progression and duration. These core factors are heavily incorporated into our programmes to motivate you throughout each workout.

Personal Training at Simply Fitness is about having someone guiding you through your entire programme of health and fitness development, including your training both in and out of the gym, your diet, your lifestyle and all support services to ensure that you are in full health.




Tuina massage can be used to treat pain and illness, or to maintain good health. The technique is effective in reducing stress, encouraging relaxation, and deepening sleep.

It's often used for conditions and injuries related to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Like tuina, sport massage also helps with injuries related to musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

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